Best Games To Play To Improve Memory

Did you know that dementia in the elderly can be delayed by keeping the brain active? Studies have shown that playing memory games, solving word puzzles, and engaging in visual recognition exercises can do wonders for your brain health.

Now, you can download gaming apps on your smartphone because you feel this will work for you. However, most of these aren’t as effective as crosswords, memory games, or the hugely-popular Sudoku.

If you can improve your long-term and short-term memory, your productivity at work gets a boost. You can make better decisions, stay stress-free and content, and become more organized. Here are the best memory-improving games you can play:

  • Crossword Puzzles: This classic brain-training game tests your knowledge of science, arts, vocabulary, and culture. You can play these puzzles online, in newspapers, or in books. If you solve crosswords on a regular basis, you can protect your brain cells from degenerating quickly and keep your mind engaged in constructive activities.
  • Sudoku: It boosts memory retrieval because you have to retain numbers in mind and place these mentally on the grid in one of the spaces. You must memorize the numbers, and use logical reasoning to identify what goes into a blank. Sudoku makes you strategize and exercises your creative-thinking abilities, improving focus and decision-making.

  • Shopping Game: You can try to memorize shopping lists by using “peg words,” These are words rhyming with words or numbers on your shopping list. They make it easier for you to recall the items.
  • Chess: This is an intense, intellectually challenging game that requires you to have good short-term memory. You must use your mind continuously to strategize your own moves and anticipate the opponent’s moves. It makes you exercise your long-term memory to get the best results.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: This exercises both the right and left parts of your brain and reinforces the link between brain cells. It’s ideal for improving short-term memory and your brain’s processing power.
  • Rebus Puzzles: This is highly recommended for improving brain power and memory. It will ask you a question. You must find clues in letters, numbers, symbols, or pictures to answer the question.
  • Concentration: It helps children to develop their memory. Cards are placed facing down, and two cards are flipped at a time to match sets. If you want to challenge yourself further, use the “spaghetti” version in which cards are arranged haphazardly. This less-organized layout challenges your memory.
  • Multitasking Games: To boost your brain power, consider playing video games requiring multitasking. For instance, shooting monsters is exciting, but this won’t improve cognitive functions. Choose games where you must react to any stimulus, such as a new place or a sign, as you play. Moreover, engaging in certain types of casino games can also have a positive impact on memory power and cognitive abilities. According to this guide, games like slots and poker require players to strategize, make quick decisions, and remember previous actions to predict future moves effectively.
  • Casino games: Some casino games, such as card games like poker or blackjack, require strategic thinking, concentration, and memory skills to be successful. You can potentially exercise and challenge your memory abilities by playing these games. You can try various casino games from the Basketballinsiders Singapore platform and have the best gaming experiences.

  • Tray Game: Ask your friend to place random items on a serving tray. Peek at it and then cover this tray with a cloth. Then, try to recall the different things you spotted on the tray.

These popular but effective mind games can help you exercise your mind every day. Make these a habit, and you will notice a difference in your productivity and emotional well-being.