Round Filter Glass Tips

Smoking has been made legal in many states. Using a smoking glass tip has seen a rise in demand hand in hand. But with laws being changed and popularity increasing it becomes our duty to use any other herb with responsibility. Like if the law says that there is a designated smoking area, as per, outside a restaurant and bar then one should follow the rule. Similarly, there are other factors and aspects one should keep in mind while smoking any drug be it tobacco or herb. This article expounds of some of the important things for safe smoking.

There is an inherent risk in inhaling any substance in huge quantities. This is a fact that one should always keep in mind especially when smoking a joint. But there are ways to make the experience positive and safe. The first step towards this is to know the dealer. If you grow your own herbs then this point does not factor in as long as you use the highest quality raw material. But if you are buying the herb know the person you purchase it from. The dealer should be someone you trust and feel safe with. If s/he has knowledge about the herbs, they sell it is even better.

To ensure that the experience doesn’t downgrade to a negative one, control your high by eating something. Inhaling food helps lower the feeling. Vitamins are a good option at this point. Smoking a joint with someone, like a buddy, is advised because in the case of an emergency there is another human to offer help immediately. The same applies to the place you smoke. It should be done where you feel safe. The experience should be enjoyed in a relaxed state of mind and not in a hurry. A known place is better than a new unknown area.

Be as clean as possible. For the same clean your mouth and any material like glass tip or pipe, you use with either alcohol or water and soap.
For first time users, it is recommended, to begin with, a minimal amount because you have no idea how strong the weed is and how much it will affect you. This will prevent from any perverse and drastic consequences from occurring. Do not use a glass tip, pipe or any other equipment that is broken or damaged. They can cause not only minor cuts and burns but also infections. A better alternative is to use your own pipe or tip. Your personal mouthpiece will ensure that you have no risk of infections at all. The tip that you used should be made of grade A glass or Pyrex. These will not give off any toxic fumes on reaching higher temperatures while being risk-free of breaking.

Be on the constant lookout for an overdose. If you feel faint, nauseated, hot sweaty or shaky and if your heart is pumping too fast these can be symptoms of an overdose. Take appropriate action. To keep a check on another person for an overdose see if they have no pulse at all or a very fast one. The same applies to breathing.

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