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What do you imagine when you hear the word ‘condo’? You visualize an image of a high-rise building against the skyline and interiors richly furnished. While a part of is right, there is a whole lot of science involved when you set about buying a condominium – or condo for short. Head Hilton Oceanfront Real Estate belongs to the pattisall group that lists various kinds of condos and land for sale at

Meaning of condominium
A condo is a type of real estate segregated into several units individually owned and surrounded by areas that have a joint ownership. Sounds confusing? Let’s look at it this way. Unlike an apartment, owners of each of the individual blocks or units can make use of the common areas like the hallway, laundry room and utilities like elevators and HVAC system.

The area outside the condo, like the parking lot and lawns, are shared property which means you and your neighbors co-own them. If you are used to an independent house or an apartment, you should know that their rules that are framed by the condo association.

This includes details like the maintenance fees, list of things that you can do to your new home and other information. Anything outside the boundary of your home, including the gym, has to be shared with others.

Types of condos
Once you are familiar with the meaning of a condo, take a look at the different variants. There are townhouses, lofts, independent homes and apartments in different shapes and sizes. Before you hunt for the right condo, list your priorities, so your options are not limited to a handful of condo types. Once you have a fair idea of what you are looking for in your new home, it is easier to find the one with the right style.

Refine your choices
You will come across high-rise condos in European cities, while few parts have townhouses. Should you go for a newly constructed home or a historic condo? To help answer this, there are few things you should know about the modern condos. They are equipped with facilities like a swimming pool, gym and a private parking area.

The ceilings are no higher than 8 feet, and the plenty of space around the condo is an added advantage. You can find the latest fixtures like energy-saving wiring, well-styled kitchen and large cabinets for storage.

Historical or old condos
As the name suggests, these type of houses have fewer fancy fittings and may extra attention on the basics. Unique features include the presence of a wooden flooring and highly-detailed architecture. The ceilings tend to be more open, extending above 8 feet. Enjoy the view of the layout from the foyer or if you prefer indoors, find your comfort zone and enjoy the condo.

Owing to the historical style of architecture, these houses come with small closets and the wiring or fittings and not reliable.

Apartment or Loft?
An apartment is meant for residential purposes only, and these can be located in either new or historic building. Enjoy the well-defined spaces between rooms, while the high ceilings let you soak in the beauty of your home.

A lot has fewer divisions between rooms, and they double as office spaces. The open ceiling shows the presence of pipes and wiring with a single-paned window.

Townhouse or independent homes?
A townhouse can be seen in urban or suburban settings, and they come in large sizes. If you are looking for spacious outdoors, privacy and zero amenities, independent homes are best for you.

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