There’s plenty to see and lots do while visiting the numerous family friendly theme parks situated in Coomera and Oxenford. All parks offer various rides, food and entertainment; something for everybody.

If you are looking to have some fun in the sun and splash around, you might want to go to WhiteWater World or WetnWild Water World. At both of these theme parks you’ll find water slides in addition to flumes. Experience the thrill of flying through these tunnels at breakneck speed and splashing down in a crystal clear pool of water. Just looking at a few of the rides will make your heart rate increase.

If you are wanting to see a variety of exhibits of sea life and their habitats, then you might want to see Sea World. In addition to enjoying the water displays, an individual can learn more about the manmade lagoons and aquariums to find sharks, polar bears, penguins, sting rays and a host of other aquatic life up close. Another attraction at Sea World will be the displays featured throughout the day. At the current time the show relies on a tv personality that lives in the sea, and his friends.

For more fun and excitement, visit Dreamworld. This amusement park is filled with thrills and chills for the daredevils that are prepared to accept the challenge. Are you among the persons who would jump off a bridge attached to a bungee cord? If you’re, you aren’t going to be tired of the rides at the crying section of the playground. These rides aren’t for the faint of heart. You’ll be dropped, flipped, spun, and flipped upside down, sometimes all at exactly the exact same time.

After seeing the rides and the food vendors throughout the park, you might want to go to the wildlife area. See native animals such as kangaroos and koala bears. You might find the opportunity to feed a crocodile or get up close and personal with a snake or lizard. There’s both a tiger and a cougar reveal that you wouldn’t want to miss.

If the hustle and bustle of the theme park overwhelms you, then take another day to relax and slow down the speed. See WB Movie World. Here you’ll find rides and characters which are world famous and based on films and television. There are shows introduced daily where Hollywood magic comes to life.

There’s something for everyone in Gold Coast Theme Parks here in Australia. All are located off a major highway so getting to any park isn’t a chore with frequent bus pick up from major hotels. Sit down and prepare an itinerary, arrange your tickets, reserve your trip, pack the family up, and mind down under for some fun in the sun.

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