cable car in san francisco

The beautiful city of San Francisco is known for iconic places like the Golden Gate Bridge and the memorable drive in cable cars that give a glimpse of colorful houses. If this is your first visit to this beautiful city, and wondering what to do in San Francisco, lists 6 must-visit places in the city. Do not miss number 4 that is sure to leave you in a state of trance.

1. Enjoy The View From Atop A Cable Car
A visit to San Francisco is incomplete without a ride in the iconic cable cars that are often referred to as the moving landmarks of the city. Once you ride a cable car, you will be able to experience the thrill and magic of the ride. The clanging of bells and the movement over the hills will bring out the child in you. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city while the cool mountain breeze sifts through your hair.

2. Visit The Bay
Enjoy the city skyline from the bay cruise that goes around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate. These cruises are popular owing to the fact that lots of places have to be covered on foot. Bay cruise is a good idea if you wish to see a new side of the city and give your aching feet much deserved rest.
It can be cold, and the damp air can take out the fun in cruising. Carry a jacket and a scarf for the ride.

3. Tuck Into Delicious Food
Calling all foodies to enjoy gastronomic delights in this food capital that boasts of several Michelin star-rated restaurants. You are most likely to bump yourself into a food cart or a café that has something to suit your taste buds.

If you are planning to woo your lady love, you can find a good restaurant that specializes in home delivery and order the food to be delivered to the location of your choice.

4. Visit Chinatown
The colorful lanterns, the hustle and bustle and the smell of herbs fill the air as you make your way inside Chinatown. You can stroll along the streets, buy souvenirs, eat dim sums or take photos. If you are the adventurous type, visit the tea stores, alleyways and food markets.

This iconic tourist place sees plenty of visitors who come just for a glimpse of the Chinese buildings and the beehive of activity inside. It can get very crowded with shoulder-to-shoulder jostling.

5. Lombard Street
Famously labelled as the “crookedest” street, Lombard Street has eight steep curves and a boulevard flanked by colorful flowers. This one-way street sees a steady flow of visitors who get off the cable car on top and walk down posing for photographs near the roadway. You have to wait for a while to drive up the curving block, and you can brag about it back home.

6. Golden Gate Bridge
On a foggy morning, one look at the Golden Gate Bridge and you will fall in love with it. One of the most photographed places, this iconic landmark is a good place to enjoy a drive or take a stroll along the walkway. Though plenty of things are said about this place, you truly experience the moment when you actually get there.

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